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It is more simple than using Gas Stove or Hot Plate.
Plug in the hob, then turn the control knob (for Knob-control) or choose the touch panel (for Touch Control) to operate the hob:
1.    For Knob control: turn the knob clock-wise to choose from Off to Max heat level of single coil; turn the knob to “Max” then continue turn it forward and keep for 3 seconds, it will switch on both coils, then turn it back (from “Max” to Off) to choose the heat level as you want. 
2.    For Touch Control: plug and turn it on by touch “On/Off”, then touch + or – to choose your ideal heat level (P1 – P10); it would be automatic at P10 if you don’t choose +/-, then touch “key” to lock the touch panel and no touch position could be controlled unless touch again the “key” to dismiss the lock. For timer choose, just touch “Timer” then touch + or – to choose your ideal working time, then to touch Timer again to fix the setting. If no timer setting, the Safety program will shut off the hob after 2 hours.
3.    After use end stoves surface temperature is high, do not touch or clean immediately.
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