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Engine CDI remote flameout switch 2117

 Item No£º2117



 Product Features:

¡ñ LED indicators display the current CDI ignition status
¡ñ real-time two-color LED display receiver supply voltage (detection voltage 5V/6V can be freely set), can effectively avoid the lead to loss of control due to lack of receiver powered
¡ñ retrofitting 4700UF large capacitance can make a more stable voltage of the receiver, purity
¡ñ can be used for other purposes such as: control pull smoke, retractable landing gear, fireworks lit
¡ñ complete isolation between the receiver with CDI CDI generates high-frequency signal interference receiver, do not worry
Technical parameters:
Operating voltage :3 - 8V
Operating Current :0 - 4A
Weight: 10g (lead-containing weight)
Volume: 33mm (length) * 13mm (width) * 13mm (H)

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