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Power DP 3101#

 Item No:3101




Produce features:

l          Dual battery input design, automatic switching and balancing between batteriesAvoid accidents caused by bad contacts using a single block powered battery.

l          Compared with the traditional mechanical switch integrated electronic switch has a higher security and stability.

l          Twelve channels for input, connect up to 34 servos, one channel CDI remote flameout switch.

l          Each channel with signal buffering and amplification

l          Integrated CDI remote flameout switch, making flying safer

l          Independent CDI power supply socket. Receiver power completely separates with the CDI power, so you should not worry about that CDI arouses high frequency signal will interfere the receiver.

l          Input / output power is communicated directly,so the input voltage equal to the steering gear and receiver power supply voltage, simply use the different voltage values of the battery can be adapted to a variety of high and low voltage actuator and receiver.

l          Independent 5V linear regulator which provide a separate pure working power supply to the receiver.

l          Dedicated receiver placement, avoid receiver damage due to accidental bombing

l          Real-time display,4-12V input voltage sound and light alarm


Technology parameters:

l          Working voltage: 4.8-12.6V

l          Servo’s working electricity:0A-30A

l          Weight:150g

l          Volume:150mm(long)*80mm(wide)*20mm(height)

l          Working temperature:-20 to 85.


Function description:



1-12 input channel

复件 P_20130307_101027.jpg


CDI remote flameout switch control channel / switch of remote controller channel


CDI working power indicator light.


CDI power input terminal.


CDI power output terminal.


CDI power voltage indicator light.


The voltage alarm settings button


Battery 2 input


The power supply switch of the board


Battery 1 input


Alarm LED interface



















  CDI signal states of the power supply:

The green light on

The green light flash

The red light on

The red light flash

Voltage above 4.8V



Voltage below 4.2V


Use of


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