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Mini Power DP UBEC Pro 4105#

 Item Noú║4105





Instructions for use:

Produce features:

l         Dual power inputs effectively improve supply reliability.

l         Built-in electronic switch, compared with the conventional mechanical switch has higher security and stability.

l         HD OLED display real-time display battery voltage input, the receiver operating voltage, operating voltage servos, CDI supply battery voltage, a single flight time, total flight time and other information.

l         You can freely set the alarm input battery voltage, CDI-powered battery alarm voltage value (alarm value range :4-12V, use the tips alarm buzzer and LED)

l         9-channel inputs, 16 servo output (1 of 2), Article 9 channel control CDI flameout switch.

l         Built-CDI remote flameout switch, making flying safer.

l         Built-20AUBEC (Max: 30A), providing ample work for the servo currents.

l         4.8-9.7V output voltage, to adapt to a variety of high and low voltage actuator.

l         Independent 5V linear regulator which provide a separate pure working power supply to the receiver.

l         Dedicated receiver placement, to avoid accidental bombing has resulted in damage to the receiver.


Technology parameters:

l         Input Voltage:  7-13V

l         Output voltage :  4.8-9 .7 V (factory voltage is 5.2V)

l         Output Current :  0-20A (Max: 30A)

l         Weight:  80g

l         Size: 122mm*72mm*18mm

l         Working temperature: -20튠to 85íŠ

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